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Why Aspire

Aspire College Station is the newest student high-rise apartment community in College Station. Located across the street from Texas A&M University, Aspire residents have the benefit of living just steps from campus with no need for a shuttle or car to get to class. Even the Northgate district is just a quick walk from home! Aspire offers the best balance for your student’s academic and social life. The property features modern amenities to enhance our residents’ college experience, including 2 private study rooms on each residential floor – 2o total! – and group study rooms that are open 24 hours a day in our study cafe. Aspire offers plenty of comfortable work spaces for individual and group projects.


With on-site social offerings tailored to the student experience, Aspire residents can maximize their time in and out of class to get the most of our their college experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Live At Aspire

  • 1. Location, Location, Location! – Aspire residents live across the street from the A&M Engineering buildings, making for a quick walk to class.
  • 2. Security in Mind – Aspire offers a secure resident parking garage, control-access elevators and amenity spaces, with individual fobs and cameras throughout the property.
  • 3. Study – Aspire offers the most private study rooms per resident in College Station with 2 rooms on each residential floor – 2o total! – not including our Study Cafe with 3 private rooms!
  • 4. Management Team Aspire is managed by The Dinerstein Companies, a top-ranked student property management firm modeled around the 212° of customer service model. Visit our company page to learn more!
  • 5. LEED Certification Aspire is built to the standards of LEED Silver Certification. Its energy efficient design and operation limits environmental impacts and saves on utility costs.

Parent Resources

We know finding an off-campus apartment for your student can be a stressful process – and we’re here to help! While our team is always available to answer questions, sometimes it helps to have the information right in front of you. The sample documents below are resources to help parents and students better understand the leasing process by reviewing the documents in advance of signing your lease. We’ve also included a quick FAQ to outline the offerings of off-campus housing and individual lease agreements.

  • Who is the management/owner of the community and their history?

    Our residents are the cornerstone of The Dinerstein Companies and have faithfully guided our business since its founding in 1955. In 1997, we recognized the need for high-quality student housing. Our eco-friendly student properties are catered specifically to the college experience so students can have the perfect home away from home.

  • What is the company's Mission Statement?

    To do right – by our residents, our employees, our lenders, and our partners.

    To improve the areas in which we work and to develop sustainable communities that endure.

    To think, plan, and build for the long term.

  • What is a guarantor?

    The term “Guarantor” in this criterion means the person that will guaranty the obligations under the terms of the lease for the resident including, but not limited to, financial responsibilities.

    All guarantors must meet the following criteria:

    • Rent/Earnings Ratio
    • Guarantors must:
      • Make 4 times the monthly rent to be approved – or –
      • Have a sum no less than 12 month’s rent in an accessible bank account
      • Provide proof of income/funds by paycheck stubs or bank statements
    • Non‐Criminal Financial Screening
    • Guarantors will be screened using a third‐party screening company to evaluate Guarantor’s credit, check‐writing history and rental history. Recommendations from the third‐party company will be returned as one of the following:
      • Full Pass – Standard deposits apply (if applicable)
      • Pass with Conditions – Non‐criminal factors do not meet community standards; the application is rejected.
      • Deny – Non‐criminal factors do not meet community standards; the application is rejected. Applications which yield a Pass with Conditions or Deny recommendation from the screening company are welcome to apply with a different guarantor.
  • What are installments?

    To simplify the billing process and allow your student to set-up recurring payments of equal amounts, we divide the total cost of the rental amount into 12 equal installments. These installments are factored into the start and end dates of the lease, including proration.

    For example, if a student signs for a $700 rate over 12 equal installments, the total cost of the rental amount is $8,400The total cost of the rental amount – in this case, $8,400 – is what determines the monthly installment, not the move-in date.

    The student in the example above may have a lease term of August 15th – July 31st of the following year. In this case, rather than prorate the first installment to $350 and have 11 subsequent installments billed at $731.82, the total cost of $8,400 is divided into 12 equal installments of $700 for ease of billing and setting up recurring payments at equal amounts.

    Regardless of how it is billed, the total cost of the rental is $8,400 during the lease term.

  • Do I have to leave during school breaks?

    Unlike the dorms, we do not require residents to vacate their apartments during school breaks. Your residency for the 2018-2019 lease year is August 18, 2018 through July 31, 2019.

  • What are individual leases?

    Each bed in an apartment is its own lease agreement, therefore if roommates are delinquent, cause damage to their bedroom, or cancel their lease contract you will not be affected.

  • What do the fully furnished apartments include?

    We’re really excited about our furniture package. Our designer furnishing option includes: leather couch, leather sofa chair, coffee table, end table, bar stools, full size bed frame and memory foam mattress in apartments, 2 under drawers, desk and desk chair.

  • What are the parking options?

    Aspire College Station has 4 levels of secure garage parking for our residents.

    As this is a high-rise garage, ceiling heights are limited and vehicles over 7’2″ in height will not fit in the Aspire parking garage.


Virtual Tours

Aspire College Station

Think this is cool? Come experience in full 3D and put on our HTC Vive headset in our Aspire Virtual Reality Room at 505 University Dr!